In this page we have given instructions about use of KRK Matrimony website such how to register new account, activation of account, login, profile edit, upload profile picture and profile visibility settings.


Username – Put 5-6 letter username of your choice 

Emal Id – Enter your valid email ID

Password – Put a password of your choice (preferably alphanumeric, example Jrty@6534, dont put this password.) 

ID – You can put your name or ID like Krk0707365 (Krk=initial, 07=curent date, 07=current month, 365=last three digits random number of you choice)

Matrimonial Profile for – Choose any for whom you are registering.

Contact Mobile Number – Put your Mobile Number. It is mandatory field.

Voter EPIC Number – User should provide Voter EPIC number of bride/groom. We will verify your authenticity as per given EPIC number. You have to upload a image of voter card having clearly visible photo and EPIC number. ()

Residing City/Town – Enter your city/town where you/your family reside.

Other Details – Beside profile details on registration form, you have to fill up other details after creating your matrimony account such as –

>Personal Details, >Education and Profession, >Family Details, >Contact Details, >Partner Preference.

Activate your account 

After registration a mail with link would be send to your email inbox automatically. You should open your email inbox and click on link to activate your account. 


After activation of your account login to website by filling 

Username /email id and password. (what you have put during registration) 

Profile view

After login you would be redirected to your profile page.

Profile Picture

After Registration and Activation, Login to your Account and upload profile picture (It is mandatory to dee other bride/groom profile). You may upload another two pictures of bride/groom. Upload a profile photo (preferably 300×300 px size). Profile picture is the most important for a matrimonial profile. 

Edit your Profile 

Now you have to fill profile field about matrimony details. 

Base/profile Type/Contact details/Education and Profession/Family details/Hobbies and Likes/Partner Preference 

Click Save at below after completing/filling each group of profile field 


After completing your profile field you may hide certain profile fields of your choice. Click on setting button and go to Profile Visibility. If you check on each profile field you can see 


Only me

All Members

All Friends

You have to choose “Only Me” to hide that profile field. Then Save Changes

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